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Leap Of Faith

So, if you’re staring at these words right now, this is what I know about you: A: You’re reading this and the question posed in the headline got you clicking.B: You are in two minds about something.C: You might be looking for ‘something’ to push you towards the right direction. “When nothing is sure, everything is […]

Leap Of Faith

How To Use The Law of Non Resistance

What you resist, will persist. Because when you resist, you are directing negative energy towards what you are resisting and when doing so, you make it harder for the problem to get resolved. Pay attention to your body, when you are struggling with something, you are not letting things flow. You are blocking the flow […]

How To Use The Law of Non Resistance

Hard Truths About Relationships

I want to share some hard truths that I’ve realized in relationships, because in this awareness, I’ve found a new layer of peace and understanding in my relationships that has benefited me greatly. It’s okay for relationships to end (even the good ones). I whole-heartedly believe that not all relationships are meant to last forever. When […]

Hard Truths About Relationships

The Importance of Environment

Our immediate surroundings are critical for our mental health. For mental strength, try to manipulate the environment first. In this way, you will be taking away the opportunity to fail. Manipulating the environment for mental strength will mean that you make use of the concept of minimalism as much as possible. The less information and […]

The Importance of Environment

It’s Okay To Be Scared

Whether we’re able to admit it or not, we’re all a little scared. Those who aren’t are either living a safe, comfortable, somewhat insular life, or are deluding themselves a bit. But for the vast majority of people who actively engage with the world and stretch into new experiences, life tends to bring out our […]

It’s Okay To Be Scared

Read This if You’re Interested in Self-Publishing Your Book

For the past nine and a half years, I’ve been working as full-time blogger and author, inspiring creative entrepreneurs, polymaths, bloggers, and indie writers to aspire for more. I’ve self-published four novels, a compilation of short stories, and managed to build a following of over 200, 000 readers. I could do the same old thing as […]

Read This if You’re Interested in Self-Publishing Your Book

Changing Your Body Chemistry

To Reduce Extreme Emotion Mind Fast – Remember these as TIP skills T – Tip the temperature of your face with cold water (to calm down fast) Holding your breath, put your face in a bowl of cold water or hold a cold pack (or zip-lock bag of cold water) on your eyes and cheeks. […]

Changing Your Body Chemistry

Tips for Avoiding Relapse – Part 2

Achieving sobriety is tough, and so is maintaining it. Here are tips to help you stay on track after you’ve decided to kick your addiction. That being said, these tips aren’t a panacea, and one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone should take the time to adapt these relapse prevention tips to their own situation. You’ll […]

Tips for Avoiding Relapse – Part 2