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Love without a willingness to endure is nothing but a fair weather friend–at best nothing more than lust; at worst a town after a storm has blown through.

You cannot love someone without embracing both the things that make them them, and the things that made them them.

You don’t expect things from people you love, you engage the effort of remaining grateful for the people they are, and the usually more challenging effort of recognizing that to love someone is to realize and accept their humanity.

Today, love gets conflated with desire all the time. Desire is the intention to change something, to reject what it is in favor of what it could be — something better, more secure, more pleasing. You cannot love someone and desire to change them to match your liking. Love is the intention to let that thing be for its own sake.

Love simply dissolves the boundaries between you and me and them. It’s like seeing the world without any distinguishing lines.
Your love can’t be reserved for one person. If you only love one person you probably don’t love anyone. The truer your love is — the more generalized it becomes. To love fully is to love all. Just as God loves us all, as we are, no modifications needed.

Stay happy and stay connected!

Published by Ebere Anyanwu

Ebere Anyanwu is a Social Entrepreneur, a Mother/Wife, Blogger and the Founder of Social Life Savers Network.

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