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There are certain things that happen in our lives and we are very much afraid. At those times we may even forget to pray or call on the name of the Lord but rather, we begin to question on the existence of God.
For instance, after the Sept 11th terrorists’ attack on America’s Pentagon, many Americans were asking, “where was God when such atrocity and mayhem befell them?”
As if that was not enough, in 2020 Covid-19 pandemic made and is still making lives miserable for people all over the world and
Back here in Nigeria 🇳🇬, Boko haram insurgence, Fulani bandits, different operations ( python dance, crocodile smile, crocodile tear etc) yellow fever and so on, and all these have made people to ask whether God is still with us or not?

Beloved, one can simply say that the only reason for all these, is lack of love in the world and in the world order. And where there is no love, the presence of God is not felt. Remember that song: where love and charity abide, there God is found.

It is only in love and through love that we can conquer the numerous fears and anxieties ravaging the world today. Because “there is no fear in Love, but perfect love casts out fear and he who fears is not perfected in love”.

  • That many people are afraid to return to the village is because there is no love.
  • That neighbors Can’t Live cordially in the same yard is because there is no love.
  • That colleagues look for means to implicate themselves is simply because there is no love. And the list is endless.

Let us always be aware that God is very close to us when we need him most, but we have to do our part by creating the enabling environment for his presence to be felt and that is an environment of love.

We therefore pray for the grace to love one another and to approach every situation no matter how bad, with love, so that God will always appear and drive away our fears and give us the the courage to conquer in the end like he did to his apostles.

Peace Be With You

Published by Ebere Anyanwu

Ebere Anyanwu is a Social Entrepreneur, a Mother/Wife, Blogger and the Founder of Social Life Savers Network.

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