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If you can control your thoughts about women, you’ll control your words, your eyes, and your actions.

But purity of heart does not eliminate sexual attraction. A lustful man takes the beauty of a woman’s body and places It above the value of the woman herself unlike the pure man who refuses to let the beauty of a woman’s body distract him from the dignity she deserves.

God wants us to think about sex, Yes, you read that correctly. To see Gods original design for the gift of sex, we need to go back to the beginning, when sexual desire was experienced in a totally pure way. When Adam saw Eve, his urge towards her was not felt as a selfish desire to take. Rather, he saw his call to love her.

We often turn away from our call to love and settle for it’s counterfeit, which is lust.

Temptation will always be there, especially in view of how most girls dress today. God cares about purity of your thoughts because they reveal the state of your heart. Whatever wins the heart – will win the thoughts, the words, the body and the soul.

Stay happy and stay blessed.

Courtesy of Jason Evert

Foto credit:@glamourspain

Published by Ebere Anyanwu

Ebere Anyanwu is a Social Entrepreneur, a Mother/Wife, Blogger and the Founder of Social Life Savers Network.

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